MILF vs. PUMA: What is the difference?

Since our world today continually giving labels to sexuality and preferences, it is considerable that people erroneously interchange them. One example of this is the difference between MILF and PUMA. There is a huge difference between, their age, preference and where they can be found.

MILF is an acronym for a Mother I’d Like to Fuck. Sounds nasty but these are any mothers who have men that want to have sexual intercourse with them. This label is also applicable to any women who are age 30-40 up are still sexually attractive in the eyes of younger men. This label is based on younger men’s sexual desire towards a woman who is already a mother.

Looking for a MILF can be easy and fast, but do not expect to frequently find them at bars and loud places, because remember they are already mothers or old enough to party. They can usually be found at the coffee shops near business centers, expensive bars for professional people, concerts for old style music, museums, and Las Vegas (because why not?).

PUMA on the other hand is when a woman, in her late 20s or early 30s, looks sexually attractive to a younger man. Basically, PUMA are the younger cougars. Cougars are those women who are in their late 30s, 40s and 50s who are sexually attracted to younger men, specifically 20s men.

So, since PUMA are younger version of cougars, they are the late 20s to 30s version of them. They like men who are in their early 20s but are already matured beyond their age. They also like the ones who know they are sexually attractive regardless of their age, which can be serious and knows how to satisfy them in the bed. As for men, they can find a lot of PUMAs in public areas such as bars, clubs, and events with pool of people partying.

So there’s the difference between a MILF and a PUMA. With that in mind, men shouldn’t be afraid of approaching or dating MILFS and PUMAs as they have plenty more to gain than to lose.

What Are The Pros Of Dating An Older Woman?

Older woman dating a younger man is nothing new. Because why not? There’s so much more to an older woman than just her sexual comfort level with herself and with a partner. These are women who are emotionally and financially secure and sexually empowered. Definitely, men would take that route.

That being said, here are the pros of dating older women;

They Don’t Play Around

Older women don’t have time to play around. If they want to marry you, if they want to live with you and if they want to be with you, they will tell you straight to the point. Likewise, if they don’t want to be with you, they will let you know too.

They Can Talk To You For Hours

They can talk to you and be with you for hours and have stimulating conversations. It’s not that they don’t want sex, they love it and they’re good at it, but they’re also stimulated by getting to know you more.

There’s Never Any Drama

All of them have been legit. There’s no real stress, no drama and no games. For the most part, younger women are concerned about their social media thing to get attention and validation from people. That’s not something you can expect from an older woman.

They Are More Sure Of Themselves

For a younger man to be with an older woman, she knows who she is and what she wants and she’s able to communicate it. There’s a great dynamic there between someone who knows herself and a guy who’s just kind of coming into his own but can really benefit from that and appreciate that.

They Teach You How To Communicate

They are not afraid to tell you what they like and don’t like. They are comfortable communicating with you and you’re going to be comfortable communicating what you want. The best partner is one who listens and is able to communicate.

They Are Less Inhibited

Older women tend to take care of themselves and they don’t really care what they look like because they work out, they eat right and want to be sexy looking. They are uninhibited and that does really make them look more interesting and attractive.

Why MILFs like Dating Younger Guys

The mainstream media often portrayed MILFs as the “sexually attractive mother” whom teenage boys sexually objectify. The age disparity in the sexual relationship of individuals has developed over time among society. In the dating scene, individuals find happiness from an older or younger man or woman.

However, in every kind of dating, there will always be a prominent question that only the parties involved will be able to answer. Some issues include why some women prefer younger men or why an older woman would want to date a man younger than she is.

Everyone has a distinct perspective on dating, and some may feel comfortable dating people younger than them. Below are a few reasons why older women date young men.

Men of Similar Age are Married

Men of her age are frequently married or in a relationship, so the lack of choices of men is the most prevalent reason why older women seek young men. They tend to search for men below their age, and in return, the society calls them names such as cougar or MILF.

The Dominance of Older Women

Older women tend to have control in the relationship due to their experiences in the past. The dominance and power give women pleasure since she feels more capable of handling conflicts in the relationship compared to her partner.

Youthful Feeling

Younger men give off a playful romance and youthful love which makes the older women re-live her youth. They’ll keep up with the new things that the young ones are into. Their presence also keeps their partners updated from the latest trends in music, fashion, and movies which make her contemporary.

Advantage in Sex

Older women have much more experience in bed compared to their young partners in some cases. However, this may lead to insecurities and fear of not living up to the expectations for men, but it is an advantage for the woman.


A lot of older men are more concerned about what’s good for them and get into a routine of just doing things the way they want it. Whereas, younger guys don’t have a routine yet so they’re more spontaneous and they are more open to thinking positively about women.